• Spin-X Engine Community Launch!

    I'm happy to release Spin-X Engine Community to the public! It has taken some time to prepare the website, but now we have everything mostly in place and have a good place to start to build and improve the community.

    In addition to discussion forums, Spin-X Engine Community provides also means to write your own blog or articles about game development, build your sub-communities (e.g. for game development projects) and to connect with other game industry pros and hobbyists. I encourage you to familiarize with these features and put them to a good use! Spin-X Engine licensees can also get released projects promoted in Spin-X Projects section for more visibility, which is a great way to draw attention of fellow developers towards your projects. For the engine licensees Spin-X Engine community serves as the place to go for various Spin-X Engine resources to help you to succeed with your project development.

    Even if you are not using Spin-X Engine in your projects, we have forums for general game technology discussions, which you are very welcome to participate in and invite your game developer friends to join too! As a special treat we have a GDPro Badge feature in the forums, which visualizes member's level of professional game development experience. For more seasoned professional game developers we also provide access to private GDPro Technology Forums.

    I wish that together we can build a positive, inspiring and active game development community, which helps you to realize your dreams!
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