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    by Published on 01-14-2012 03:08 PM  Number of Views: 1471 

    Class reflection provides run-time introspection of classes, which enables for example versioned object serialization, exposing class variables in editors and data replication for networking. Instead of writing specific code for each class for all these systems, the systems can utilize generic class reflection relieving programmers from writing and maintaining tons of system specific code. However, because C++ language doesn't have intrinsic support for class reflection, Spin-X Platform provides a reflection infrastructure as a collection of macros, which can be used to easily add reflection to existing C++ classes.
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    1. Animation
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    While I was working on camera animation playback for my upcoming game, I realized that I needed to find a way to perform constant speed cubic spline interpolation in order to implement smooth camera movement. If you are familiar with cubic splines, then you probably know that when a cubic spline is interpolated with constant increments of t, the resulting speed isn't constant, which can be a problem in some applications. ...
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    I'm happy to release Spin-X Engine Community to the public! It has taken some time to prepare the website, but now we have everything mostly in place and have a good place to start to build and improve the community.

    In addition to discussion forums, Spin-X Engine Community provides also means to write your own blog or articles about game development, build your sub-communities (e.g. for game development projects) and to connect with other game industry pros and hobbyists. ...

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